Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework in 2019

If you're wondering which JavaScript framework or library to learn in 2019 to land a job, this video can help you. It compares the top three frameworks - React, Angular, and Vue - in terms of history, job market, and learning curve. Based on the data, React is the most loved and popular framework, followed by Vue. Angular seems to be slightly losing its popularity compared to previous years.

Frameworks and libraries are used to increase productivity and speed up the development process. They provide reusable code, and frameworks like Angular and React also offer a structure for building applications.

React is developed and maintained by Facebook and has a huge community. Vue, the youngest framework, is gaining popularity rapidly. Based on job market trends, React has the most job opportunities, followed by Angular and Vue.

Angular has a steep learning curve as it is a complete solution, while React and Vue are considered easier to learn. React also gives you the opportunity to learn React Native for building mobile apps, which opens up even more job opportunities.

If you're interested in learning React, the video offers a comprehensive tutorial and a complete 12-hour course. The course covers core concepts as well as building real applications and comes with a certificate of completion. Enroll now before the limited number of coupons run out. Overall, React is recommended for front-end or full-stack developers looking for job opportunities in 2019.

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