Vue Mastery's Advanced Components Course

In Vue Mastery's Advanced Components course, you will learn how to code advanced components, utilize the full functionality of Vue, debug Vue apps, extend Vue's functionality, and even contribute to the Vue project. The course starts with decrypting the component template render cycle and reactivity. You will also build your own reactivity engine and explore reactivity in the Vue source code. Additionally, you will learn about Vue template compilation, creating render functions, using functional components, the Vue mounting process, and other advanced techniques. The course provides step-by-step explanations and uses animations to explain the execution process. The knowledge gained from the course can be used to scale out a Vue application with render functions and functional components. Prior experience with JavaScript and intermediate Vue.js is required. This course is not an introduction to Vue.js, but a continuation of the Intro to Vue.js course. If you are new to Vue.js, it's recommended to start there. The Advanced Components course is not suitable for non-programmers as it dives into hardcore JavaScript. Join Gregg Pollack in the path to Vue mastery and enroll in the Advanced Components course!

See you soon!

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