Vue.js Components, Properties, and Data

When it comes to Vue.js, components are a key aspect that you will encounter. However, even more important are properties and data. This video tutorial provides a comprehensive explanation of how to work with these concepts in Vue.js.

In Vue.js, components are represented by the app.view element. If you are transitioning from Vue.js 2, you will notice that there are now two root elements instead of just one.

Properties are used to communicate with a component, while data is used to store information within the component. By using curly braces, you can print the values of variables or properties in the Vue.js template.

Properties are variables that come from outside the component, while data is stored within the component. Props is used to define the incoming properties, while data is an object that stores the component's data. In Vue.js, string interpolation is used to print the values of variables or properties in the component template.

Computed properties are covered in the next video tutorial and provide an easier way to work with variables that depend on other variables in Vue.js.

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