Binding Style Attribute on an Element

In this lecture, we will learn how to bind the style attribute on an element to apply stylings directly.

Instead of creating multiple classes for different styles, we can set the styles directly on the elements using the data object.

We create a property called 'size' with an initial value of 150. Then, we bind this property to an input field using the V Model Directive.

To update the circle, we bind the style attribute and set it to an object. We dynamically set the 'width', 'height', and 'line-height' properties using the 'size' data property.

We can use quotes or camel casing to set the 'line-height' property. Both solutions work, but camel casing is easier to read.

We can also use an array syntax to apply multiple stylings to an element. We can pass in multiple objects with separate stylings.

It's recommended to read the official documentation for adding classes and styles to elements for more information.

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