Getting Started with Vue.js

This text provides instructions on how to step into Vue.js and install all the necessary tools. It emphasizes the need for preparations such as having a freshly installed Ubuntu or downloading Node.js for Windows or Mac OS. The tutorial also includes commands for updating the apt package manager and installing Node.js and npm. It explains that Node.js is like a virtual environment for running JavaScript outside the browser, allowing the development of different types of applications. Furthermore, it mentions the importance of npm, the node package manager, for managing packages in Vue.js projects. The text also covers the installation of the Vue CLI, a command line interface tool for managing dependencies and creating new projects in Vue.js. Lastly, it recommends using Visual Studio Code as an IDE for Vue.js development and suggests some helpful extensions. The text concludes by mentioning that the preparations are complete, and viewers can now proceed to the next video, where they will start developing with Vue.js.

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