Vue 3 Reactivity Course Summary

You're watching Vue Mastery's Vue 3 Reactivity course.

This course teaches Vue 3 design patterns and how it's designed under the hood. It also improves debugging skills by familiarizing you with the underlying functions in Vue 3. Additionally, Vue 3's separate module for Reactivity allows for new and creative use of code that wasn't possible with Vue 2. Lastly, this course helps you understand the Vue 3 source code, making it easier to contribute to Vue.

The course begins by explaining how Vue 3's reactivity differs from Vue 2. It then goes on to demonstrate how to build a reactivity engine from scratch, step by step.

The course covers tracking dependencies and storing them in a map. It also introduces the target map concept, which stores dependencies for each reactive object's properties.

Stay tuned for the next lesson, where the course will delve into re-running effects automatically.

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